We'll blend the art of storytelling with the enchantment of magic in this unique, fun and creative in-person workshop.

In this workshop at The College of Psychic Studies, we'll embark on a magical journey through the realms of creativity and fantasy, where everything is possible. We'll explore how to bring elements of magic to our creative practice, weaving narratives that mesmerise our readers.

In this in-person workshop, we will:

  • Dive into the fundamentals of creative writing.
  • Learn how to craft captivating stories using magical techniques.
  • Engage in hands-on activities and writing prompts designed to spark your imagination and unleash your inner magical practitioner.
  • Exchange ideas and feedback with fellow writers in a supportive and inspiring environment.
  • Harness the power of words and imagination to enchant yourself, and then create your own tales of wonder and enchantment for your readers.

Whether you're a seasoned wordsmith or a budding storyteller, this workshop promises to ignite your creative spark and transport you to realms where anything is possible.

Who should attend:

  • Writers looking to infuse their work with an extra touch of magic.
  • Magic enthusiasts eager to explore the power of words.
  • Creatives seeking inspiration and a spark of imagination.
  • Anyone interested in the interplay between spirituality and creativity.


Previous participants say:

"Rebecca is knowledgeable, respectful, inspirational and an absolute delight to work with."

"Awesome workshop with a nice mix of discussion and practical."

"Rebecca was so friendly and easy to understand-clearly very knowledgeable, I hope she will be running other courses - I would certainly sign up!"

"Dr Rebecca Beattie is a fantastic tutor, everything was well paced, interesting, informative and clearly explained. It really was a highly enjoyable course, and Dr Beattie is extremely warm and encouraging."


This workshop is taking place in-person at our college in London

You can find the address and travel directions on our contact page - we'll also include all the information in your enrolment email.

About Dr Rebecca Beattie

Image of course leader Rebecca Beattie Author Dr. Rebecca Beattie is the high priestess of a Gardnerian Wiccan coven and, by day, works in a drug and alcohol treatment charity. She trained at The College of Psychic Studies.
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