In this in-person workshop, artist Paola Bay invites you to discover what your creation is in this lifetime, and how to open up to creativity by channelling from the Universe.

Creation is not just about a picture, a book or a song. Creation embraces your whole life. It could mean something very personal, or at community level, or even planetary and so much more. Furthermore, it's not necessary to be an artist or a musician to create. Creation is open to everyone. Each of us has special creation gifts that we might not have yet discovered. 

This in-person workshop invites you to discover that special creation gift. This experience may also reveal something totally new about yourself, your journey in this life.

We will explore:

  • Creating with your soul connected to the Universe
  • Receiving from the Universe
  • Your own creation gifts 
  • What you need to create
  • How to manifest it and keep opening up to your creation

This in-person workshop will be structured in three parts:

1. Cleansing of all the negative energies from your thoughts, actions, deeds, words since conception, including the ones your parents may have had at that time.

2. Akashic Records meditation to discover your blocks to creating, gain wisdom on what you need to do about your creation, and receive an important message from the Universe about your creation and creativity.

3. Manifesting your creation meditation to establish your creation intention and starting to build the manifestation of your creation.

Book now to join this profound journey into your creative essence. There will be time throughout the day for discussion and integration.


You will need:

  • A notebook
  • A pen
  • An object that is important to you, such as a crystal

This workshop is taking place in-person at the College in London

You can find The College of Psychic Studies at 16 Queensberry Place, London, SW7 2EB, UK. Visit our contact us page for travel directions. We'll also include all the information in your enrolment email.

About Paola Bay

Image of course leader Paola Bay Italian-born artist Paola Bay draws influences from Western & Eastern philosophy in her works, which are infused with codes and hidden meanings, and interpreted differently by each viewer.
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