This in-person workshop teaches you to hone your intuition through 12 powerful tarot techniques. These guide us to unlock an innovative problem-solving tool-box through the symbolic nature of tarot.

A common assumption among tarot readers is that intuition serves as the language and tool enabling us to read cards. In French, the arcana are often called "blades" (Les Lames du Tarot), metaphorically suggesting that they themselves have the power to cut through layers of uncertainty.

What would happen if we were to invert this process? What if the tarot became the whetstone upon which we sharpen our intuitive edge? The "gut-driven" way we see and sense the world is a useful gift to develop. With tarot as our teacher, we might develop skills instead of merely receiving the answers we thought we knew all along. The teachable gift of clarity and insightful autonomy will allow us to be more confident and make the High Priestess in her temple proud to see us thrive.

In this in-person workshop, we'll explore 12 practical exercises using the tarot to reconnect with our own instincts, employing strategies ranging from our creative drive and liminal experiences to archetypal invocation. Through use and practice, much like flexing a muscle, the flow of intuitive insights strengthens and becomes more accessible, enriching our perspectives with a sense of depth and assisting us in our development.

Book now to learn how to hone your intuitive skills through tarot, while gaining deeper insights into your thoughts, feelings, and behaviours. In these 12 activities, we'll unlock an innovative problem solving tool-box by engaging with the symbolic and interpretive nature of tarot.


Entry requirements

  • All are welcome - no experience necessary.
  • Please bring a deck of tarot cards. 
  • If you don't have a tarot deck, there are plenty to choose from in the College shop.


Previous participants say:

"The workshop exceeded my expectation. I loved the contents and the practical exercises. Laetitia created a safe place and everyone in the group felt comfortable to share their experience."

"Laetitia was a warm, knowledgeable and very fun tutor. I felt happy to contribute without feeling embarrassed as she and the group made me feel very comfortable. She is a great asset to the College and I would not hesitate to book onto future tarot events with her."

"I enjoyed this session particularly the meditation and the card reading."


This workshop is taking place in-person at our college in London

You can find the address and travel directions on our contact page - we'll also include all the information in your enrolment email.

About Laetitia Barbier

Image of course leader Laetitia Barbier Cartomancy enthusiast Laetitia Barbier has nurtured a fascination with the tarot since she was 11. She is the programming director and head librarian of Morbid Anatomy in New York.
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