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I have had a deep and abiding passion for Tarot for over 35 years. They are a wonderful navigator in seeking healing, self-discovery and exploring higher consciousness. My aim is to inspire others with the deep wisdom that is Tarot and share my rich experience from my amazing journey with the cards.

As a child I was very perceptive and felt that there was something or somewhere else other than this two dimensional world we inhabit. Over the years this perception led me deeper into the spiritual arts. My curiosity was such that I was constantly hungry for information about the different realms of consciousness.

"It is not just we who seek the water, it is water that also seeks the thirsty." Rumi

A major milestone in my life was obtaining my first Tarot deck. It was given to me by a special friend over 35 years ago. This gift marked the beginning of an amazing journey with tarot that continues to be as interesting and as fulfilling as on the first day. I believe that tarot finds us and it is not we who find tarot. I understand tarot to be a sacred art which was handed down to us by a higher grace. I consider myself to be most fortunate to be able to pass on the deep wisdom that is tarot and to inspire others from my extensive experience working with this wonderful 'system' as a navigator into self discovery and higher consciousness.

Prior to joining the College my background was in the public sector and social science.

"When we work with our own life material, we become our own master." Avril Price 

Providence brought me to The College of Psychic Studies. My first teacher was Linda Kay and then Gerrie March. I learnt many new skills which I have incorporated into my work. I am a psychic medium, I offer service as a platform medium, and I endeavour to bring spirit communication into my consultations. I also work with the aura and the energy of objects (psychometry) if appropriate. Tarot plays its part in a consultation by becoming a mirror to the soul. My approach is psycho-spiritual, I am interested in how life experiences shape the journey of the spirit. I think that the world we live in is created from a well-spring within. 

My aim is for you to look into the mirror and recognise the world you live in and to make quality life choices. My areas of expertise in consultations are relationships and contracts, the corporate field and group dynamics. I lead courses and workshops in tarot studies and psychic development.

I am down to earth and motivated towards guiding you to see what influences and trends operate in your life and I am a passionate facilitator who believes that love never dies.

My work takes me to several destinations in Europe where I facilitate development groups.

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