Methia establishes a profound connection with the spiritual realm, delving into various facets of your life to offer guidance and essential healing. 

With assistance from her spirit guides and through communication with departed loved ones, she provides insightful messages and specific information tailored to highlighted areas.

In these one-to-one psychic mediumship readings, Methia offers assistance related to your life's pursuits with meaningful gifts of encouragement, comfort, and inspiration. Her intention is that a reading will enhance your journey through life.


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Previous clients say:

"My consultation with Methia was very uplifting and touching. She described people around me very good an pionted out the right topics. Her advice was also very helpful. Thank you Methia!"

"Wonderful detailed reading. I would highly recommend Methia."

"I was given information that I wanted to find out but also information that was shared by spirit, which they thought important for me to know, as in suggestions for my health and diet."

"My consultation with Methia was very enlightening and helpful to me by giving me guidance about my current circumstances. Her gentle and calm aura was reassuring and she was very accurate in channeling an ancestor spirit and also giving me practical information. I would definitely have another reading with Methia in the future. Thank you."

"Please say thank you to Methia for my reading, which was exceptionally accurate and on point, everything resonated with me. I felt connected to everything she said and recommended. It helped make sense and put life events into order and perspective. Many messages came through from both my parents, close family members and friends. They all came and so many memories came flooding back. I would highly recommend Methia's readings/services to anyone wanting to understand deeper."


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About Methia Edwards

Image of course leader Methia Edwards Gifted since childhood, Methia Edwards trained in psychic mediumship at The College of Psychic Studies with tutor Maria Anthoniou. She now offers readings at the College.
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Probationer Psychic and Mediumship: 60 minute consultation

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