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Nicoletta Stephens - Psychic and Mediumship

Nicoletta is able to offer consultations via telephone. Once you have paid for your consultation the consultant will be in touch with you to confirm how the consultation will take place. Nicoletta is a psychic medium who works with spirit to help guide you through times of change and life's questions. Nicoletta also gives messages from loved ones, family and friends from the next world who want to get in touch.

Previous clients say:

"Very accurate."

"Nicoletta went into the zone and provided me a wealth of insight and information. I had to grab a notebook to capture the details. Very timely and appropriate."

"I will continue to consult with Nicoletta with trust and confidence."

"I've recommended Nicoletta numerous times since we met for a consultation. It was a lovely experience - she was warm, peaceful and very easy to be with. The information she passed on was really on point – it felt like she was passing on messages from a telephone. Some of the information was for my partner who hadn't told me a few things which made the messages even more important. Nicoletta is an incredibly powerful medium."

"Great sitting as always. Nicoletta Stephens is a great asset to the college, always professional and provides messages which really resonate with me."

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