Saturday Courses

This class is for all students who wish to have a full and broader understanding of all spiritual matters.

Each week we will explore together a different aspect of spirituality to include the mind, body and spirit.

We will learn what is expected of us as we travel through life.

Anthony will introduce you to:

  • mediation
  • the aura
  • the chakra system
  • your sixth sense
  • your spirital guides and helpers

We will also discover why the heart chakra is so important to us.

Past lives will be discussed and we will explore the impact that they may have on our present life.

This class is for all students who wish to have a better understanding of life and how we can benefit from it.

£260 (Full price)
12 Jan - 30 Mar, Saturdays, 11:00am, 12 weeks
This course has been cancelled

Come and weave Celtic wisdom with spirituality into your life by connecting to the power and energy of the natural world. We will look at Celtic festivals as our oldest surviving link to the ancient wisdom of our ancestors who were in tune with the cycles of nature.

Using meditation, imagery and working intuitively with these seasonal celebrations we can enhance our psychic and mediumistic skills helping us to remember who we are.

Each time we connect to this gift we are able to re-establish a sense of unity within us; a creative force not visible but always present in all things. This course aims to give you an insight into the possibilities that come with a life lived in tune with the seasons and a heart open to spirit.

Suitable for intermediate level students and above - Interview required

An interview will be required before attending this course.
£230 (Full price)
19 Jan - 23 Mar, Saturdays, 11:00am, 10 weeks

Regression Therapy can have a positive effect on aspects of your life. It may aid your health, provide insight into relationships, release creativity or overcome long-held fears.

There may be intense, bodily-held feelings which you are finding it hard to understand, that appear in this lifetime as various ailments. By experiencing a powerful or talented past life in a safe environment, you may free those inherent qualities for use in the present and gain insights into your soul’s journey so far.

This course is suitable for all, subject to completion of a brief health questionnaire, as this regression requires the use of hypnosis.

“The plan for the soul was a cycle of experience unlimited in scope and direction, in which the new individual would come to know creation in all its aspects, at the discretion of will” Edgar Cayce

Students attending this course are requested to please bring a yoga mat (or similar) and a light blanket to each session.

We have limited supplies we can provide otherwise.

If you have any questions regarding this course before you sign up please contact the College who can then put you in contact with the tutor to answer your queries. Limited numbers.

£160 (Full price)
20 Jan - 24 Feb, Sundays, 2:00pm, 6 weeks

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