Beltane: Sow the seeds for a summer of abundance

In the Wheel of the Year, Beltane on 1 May honours life, love, fertility and fruitfulness! It's an opportunity to sow the seeds for a prosperous year ahead. Here's how...

By: Valerie Pitts.   Posted

Our ancestors considered Beltane on 1 May to mark the first day of summer. It was celebrated the evening before with feasting, dancing and a ritual to honour the greenwood marriage of the Sun and Mother Earth. It was also customary to stay up all night to watch the sun rising at the dawn of summer.

The Sabbat of Beltane is a celebration of life and love to ensure fertility and fruitfulness amongst plants, animals and humans. It also represents the harmonious and fulfilling union between the Lord and Lady, which is the clearest statement we can make about the way to happiness – union to the Source and all of nature.

How to celebrate Beltane

Weaving and plaiting are traditional arts for this time of the year – the joining together of two substances to form a third is the spirit of Beltane. A small charm or token should be made and placed within a circle of stones representing the altar - a mandala of flowers, carvings, garlands using hawthorn / honeysuckle flowers. Crystals may be aquamarine, quartz, citrine and copper.

Light your candle to the God of the Sun, representing the Beltane Fire. Close your eyes and imagine this flame growing bigger and bigger, just like the Goddess/God within us, until it surrounds your whole body and aura. As your light grows, visualise the realisation and growth of your hopes and dreams and how they will grow during the summer months ready to bear fruit at harvest time. 

Always see this fire within your belly. It is always there to be used however you choose... Rekindle this fire whenever you need to.


"May the God give us peace on Earth
and may the Goddess bring it forth.
We celebrate your union as nature rejoices
in a blaze of colour and life of summer."

May this summer bring you happiness in your blossoming and bring you fulfilment in all you undertake. 

Happy Beltane!

With bright blessings, Valerie Pitts, College Crystal Tutor. 

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