Learning About Crystals: Moss agate for healing the heart

As a healing crystal, moss agate helps us connect with nature and our planet. Discover how to use moss agate to support your healing journey.

By: The College of Psychic Studies.   Posted

Moss agate represents the element of earth, meaning it is solid, grounding and stable. It is clear or milky white quartz containing inclusions of manganese, hornblende and sometimes iron particles. These inclusions contain vegetable matter, similar to moss or lichen and are called dendritic (dendron being the Greek word for tree). Moss agate is sometimes a dark green with blue inclusions, which mimics our Planet Earth when viewed from outer space. 

Moss agate: the Earth stone

This stone connects most people to the Nature Kingdom of the Green Goddess and the Green Man, the trees, plants, herbs, flowers and faeries. Many of us today lead such busy lives that we forget to connect with nature and the natural cycles of our world, which causes us to become ungrounded and give our power away to others. 

This is an ideal stone for anyone interested in gardening in any form, since crystals placed in pots and under trees produce better growth. This stone does the same for us when we use it and direct the energy towards a specific purpose such as abundance, a new business or new friendships with like-minded others.

A crystal for heart healing

Since it connects with nature and looks like a tree, moss agate is very good for conditions connected to the heart and lungs such as colds, flu and viruses. It also helps to boost our immune system, our circulation, helps dehydration, is anti-inflammatory and, as an elixir, is used on skin conditions or fungal infections.

Moss agate is also green which relates to our heart chakra, helping us to love ourselves more and then to send love all around us to ultimately connect to the Divine or Source. It helps us to see the magic and beauty in all of nature and was used by ancients to help with adverse weather conditions and cloud busting.

Healing with moss agate

As a healing crystal, moss agate has been commonly used in childbirth by midwives. It helps us to form new beginnings by ridding ourselves of blockages or spiritual chains, releasing our fears in order to grow. It therefore helps us to communicate, brings us more self-esteem, treats depression (also by connecting us back to nature) and stress, which is commonplace today.

Working and healing with moss agate is a little like taking a day out in the country to recuperate from work or city life, a holiday to breathe, get rid of toxins or stress and immerse ourselves in an outdoor space of freedom.

With bright blessings, Valerie Pitts, College Crystal Tutor. 

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