Ostara: Harness the energy of spring to start something new

Let's celebrate the Spring Equinox in full bloom. Here, College Tutor Valerie Pitts shares what we can do to harness the energy of Ostara.

By: Valerie Pitts.   Posted

Spring Equinox on 20 March is the first true day of spring, when the energies of nature shift into expansion. It is known as Ostara in the Wheel of the Year. The goddess blankets the earth with fertility whilst the god stretches and grows into his maturity walking the fields and giving an abundance of nature. A time when day and night become equal – a time of beginnings, action, tending gardens and new plans.

Feeling off-kilter?

It may be that you, just like nature at this time of the year, have been feeling life to be somewhat chaotic during the last two weeks. And you may well experience the same for another two. This is because the elements of life are being brought into balance as day and night attain equal length. The light of spring is gaining, foretelling a new tide of life beginning. Old ways and patterns must be broken down so that, out of chaos or darkness, new ways arise. 

A time for eggs!

The main symbol of Ostara is the egg. We know that the egg symbolises fertility in nature. Now is the time to take those first few steps towards doing something you have planned or dreamt about during the dark months. The egg symbolises the emergence of life from the darkness of ideas on the inner level. Ostara is a new beginning – life renewing itself by way of the love we have for the realms of crystal, plant, animal and all nature on this planet.

Light a candle for the God & Goddess

It is good practice at this time of the year to light a candle to represent the young sun God. Right now he is awakening, stretching and making promises, just like any eager youth, to send us bursting joyfully forth into summer. He is bringing warmth to our planet. The Goddess is now a spring maiden. Their union brings all life into a new order. Mother Nature frees herself from the icy prison of winter and, at the Spring Equinox or Ostara, puts up shoots and flowers to scent the breeze. 

An Ostara blessing

As you light your candle for Spring Equinox, say:

"May our Goddess and her consort instil within us the magic of nature, 
Lighting a love and warmth for all other living things,
Teaching us to love the earth and all of its treasures,
May we never forget the lore of Mother Nature,
May we walk this earth in friendship not in dominance."

If we all come together, we can fully realise our group power potential to manifest that which is for the higher good of bring about positive changes on our planet.

Happy Ostara!

With bright blessings, Valerie Pitts, College Crystal Tutor. 

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