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What's on: 23 Sep

The Autumn Equinox Sonic Day

The Autumn Equinox Sonic Day

Gong Master Olaf Nixon
Sunday 23 September 2018
10:00am - 5:00pm

The Gong a flat disc shaped alloy of copper, tin and nickel, was originally used for weaponry but was found to be more resonant than resilient.

These instruments are now used for healing and can initiate regeneration and induce states of heightened consciousness characterised by feelings of timelessness and joy. The wheel turns and the Equinox is upon us, a moment of balance when night and day are of equal length. A time to reflect and a time to rejoice, an opportunity and invitation to connect with your ancestral heritage and to make full use of the day as you begin a journey of nurture, of healing.

These days are created with you the participant in mind and the intention you set for the day is your own; I offer suggestions as to where to go but free choice is the guiding light of every experience and if you feel drawn to work on your own process then you would do me a great honour by doing so. I am but a facilitator of the sound you are the ones steering the ship – Olaf

Please do bring along any personal crystals that would like to be cleansed - they do love a good sonic clearing with the Gongs.

Gong Master Olaf Nixon

Olaf is a Soul Coach, Gong Master Therapist, sound healer and energy worker. He has been working with sound and energy in a variety of ways for over ten years leading gong baths, meditation circles and sound and energy workshops. His way of working is intuitive and directed by spirit.


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