What's on: 13 Oct

The Note From Heaven

Githa Ben-David
Saturday 13 October
10:00am - 4:00pm

In 2007 Githa Ben-David was attacked by Lyme disease combined with chronic poisoning from lead and copper. Her usual vocal sound scanning and regressive cell-song techniques did not help her joint pains, burns and swelling.

After trying several detox methods, Githa believes her final cure, which took the last of her joint pains away, the allergies and even helped her with symptoms of hormonal disturbances in menopause, was when she discovered Hung Song.

Hung Song is inspired by the American scientist Stephanie Seneff´s studies of the importance of the pineal gland, with focus on its crucial importance to the body's natural detox system.

Githa seems, according to the positive results, to have made a break through with Hung Song, as it balances the endocrine system and restores the body’s natural ability to detox.

In this workshop you will learn how Githa believes you can keep yourself free of toxins including oxidising your body and vital organs through the very simple and easy use of your voice and breath. Tone deafness is no problem, everybody can join.

Through thirty years work with surrendering vocally to The Note from Heaven, Githa Ben-David has worked and is working in a constant expanding field, supported by spirit, song and a grounded breath.

3.30pm - 4pm - Githa and Lars: Healing Songs Githa Ben-David is married to the author and musician Lars Muhl, and Lars will be joining Githa for the last 30 minutes or so of this workshop to sing and play healing songs together as a special treat for the participants of this event.

Githa Ben-David

Author of ‘A Note from Heaven’ is a visionary pioneer of vocal sound healing. Author, singer and composer, she was educated in classical saxophone at The Royal Conservatory in Copenhagen and studied classical Indian singing in Varanasi, India.


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