What's on: 10 Nov

SOLD OUT Rapid Growth - Metaphysical Anatomy Technique - Level One

SOLD OUT Rapid Growth - Metaphysical Anatomy Technique - Level One

Evette Rose
Saturday 10 November
10:00am - 5:00pm

In this workshop you will learn Evette’s latest trauma release methods and understand how the body stores trauma.

Evette believes her technique allows a person to resolve specific traumas without talking about or reliving it in any way. This day may be of benefit to you if you want to work on yourself or to broaden your knowledge as a healer.

During this powerful one-day workshop we will learn:

  • “What is trauma?”
  • The difference between trauma and symptoms of trauma in the body.
  • The difference between trauma and emotions and the expression of it in our body
  • Secondary trauma in the body
  • The difference between completing trauma and surviving trauma
  • Dissociating from trauma instead of healing and resolving it
  • The benefit of a dissociative state
  • The problem with dissociating or bypassing trauma
  • How to recognize the difference between a fear and your intuition
  • How ancestral predispositions can resurface in your life because of environment and trauma
  • Completing trauma cycles and how our instinctive responses play a role
  • How we form negative associations with positive actions
  • Soul copies and how they affect our live
  • Different ways your intuition can come forward


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