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Kabbalah and the Divine Feminine

Kabbalah and the Divine Feminine

Maggy Whitehouse
Tuesday 22 January
7:00pm - 8:30pm

‘In the beginning the Goddess created the heavens and the earth.’ Those are the first words of the Bible although we rarely hear that translation.

There are ten names of God in the Hebrew Testament and five of them are feminine although that balance of belief was destroyed with the fall of the first Temple in the sixth century BCE.

But, if you know where to look, early Jewish and Christian teachings are redolent with the divine feminine and we can even discern the development of the human soul through the stories of the lives of the ancient biblical women.

Maggy Whitehouse

Maggy Whitehouse is an independent Catholic priest and author of seven books on Judaic mysticism (Kabbalah). She will reveal the weave of a magical tapestry of learning and empowerment that will transform your understanding of the sacred feminine in the hearts of both women and men.


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