What's on: 24 Feb

Eagle Alchemy: Ancestral Healing

Eagle Alchemy: Ancestral Healing

James Philip
Sunday 24 February
10:00am - 5:00pm

A day focused on unlocking energy from the past, to bring more freedom and vitality into your life.

We are all affected by the energies of our past and sometimes we can use a lot of our subtle energy locked into our past, whether it be our early parental and societal conditioning, the energetics of our karma, past lives, ancestors and more.

Join James and the Eagle Alchemy collective, shamanic ascended guides, in this sacred healing space to begin to free up our energy invested in our past and in particular transforming energies that are no longer necessary or nourishing us today, so we may have more of our own vital energy consciously available now.

Together we will open up and embrace the wider group (spiritual) energy field, with psychic interpretation and channelled guidance through James by the Eagles. This will be a powerful day of energetic release and renewal. In a friendly relaxed environment together we enjoy Eagle Alchemy; deep transformational energetic downloads and transmission; shamanic spiritual healing; guided visual meditations, conscious breathing and channelled words of guidance from the Eagles and other spiritual beings and energies that show up on the day.

As we energetically unlock from our ancestors we gain more energy freedom and vitality to live life today.

James Philip

James Philip, from Scotland, is a spiritual channel, contemporary shaman, healer & alchemist with 15 years experience of transformational healing, shamanism, psychic development and mediumship. He has supported the profound growth of thousands of people. James is a frequent visiting faculty at the Omega institute New York, the Meta Centre, New York and at the Findhorn centre, Scotland


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