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What's on: 29 Nov

Dowsing Earth Energies - Geopathic Stress and Environmental Energies

Dowsing Earth Energies - Geopathic Stress and Environmental Energies

Vicky Sweetlove
Saturday 29 November 2014 - Sunday 30 November
10:00am - 5:00pm

In this workshop you will learn how to dowse Earth energies, geopathic stress, vortexes and ley lines. Discover how to harmonise the energies in your home and building remotely and on site in your home environment, and how geopathic stress affects our health and well-being.

You will be shown how to connect to the energy of a space and practice psychic protection and why you should protect your own energy when working with earth energies. We will walk around the local area to locate Hartman and Curry grid lines, Underground water and blind springs.

You will also learn about dowsing your own home – please bring a simple floor plan to do remote harmonising work. Effective ways of harmonising geopathic stress and earth energies will be covered, done by carrying out earth acupuncture safely and effectively using your own acupuncture “needle” chosen from nature.

You will connect to the earth energy colours and make the connection with the earth energy colours connected to your homes. Discover how a man-made environment affects your health and wellbeing with EMFs and Wifi and what you can do to prevent it. You will also work with grids and crystals.

Vicky Sweetlove

My life as a child was very different and I found that I could see and talk to the spirit world. After a near death experience in 2008 I decide to pay more attention to the spirit world and trained with Denise Linn in the USA and with a Mexican shaman, learning how to access the Akashic records. I am also a professional dowser of earth energies and space clearing as well as water and health having done this for the past 15 years.

Additional information

This is a British Society of Dowsers Approved course and you will receive a certificate at the end of the two days, very useful for CPD in alternative therapies.


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