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What's on: 6 Apr

Quantum Sound Healing Day with the Gongs

Quantum Sound Healing Day with the Gongs

Gong Master Olaf Nixon
Saturday 6 April 2019
10:00am - 5:00pm

The Gongs create what is known as holistic resonance, a field of sound that has the ability to create an environment for healing. Sound is resonance and resonance the vibration that results from sound. As resonant beings, sound can either heal or harm us, create states of bliss,euphoria,happiness and joyfulness and equally create states of sadness, irritation, melancholy and pain.

On this day filled with sound and sonics, Olaf will not only utilise the gongs, he will also weave in all the other healing energy that he uses daily, creating an alchemy of healing unique to this day. It will be a day created by the energy of the participants, starting off with a meditation to leave the outside out and manifest a safe environment to journey within. Then a checking in to share how we have come to be where we are.

Past experiential days have included some of the following experiences: combining the power of Feng Shui with the gongs, breaking through what holds you back with arrows, messages from spirit and the universe to help with clarity on our journey, journeying to our ancestors for guidance, accessing the energies of the solstice, equinox and fire festivals.

These days are created solely to facilitate your journey, be it healing, journeying, working with the past or just seeing what emerges. Come with an open heart, an open mind and allow the magic of the universe to flow through the gongs and aid in your journey.

Gong Master Olaf Nixon

Olaf is a Soul Coach, Gong Master Therapist, sound healer and energy worker. He has been working with sound and energy in a variety of ways for over ten years leading gong baths, meditation circles and sound and energy workshops. His way of working is intuitive and directed by spirit.


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