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What's on: 16 May

The Out of Body Experience

The Out of Body Experience

Sergio Magana
Thursday 16 May - Friday 17 May
10:00am - 5:00pm

Join Mexican shaman Sergio Magana, who will be teaching us about the out of body experience, sharing wisdom passed down to him through the 5000-year-old Toltec lineage of his country.

The out of body experience (OBE), also referred to as astral travel or astral projection, is a phenomenon where you find yourself as an energy projected out of your physical body. Whilst in this state, it is said that you can have the ability to move and experience existence in a less encumbered way; to take consciousness beyond the physical realms.

Sergio will teach us techniques for the out of body experience, including how to use different exits from the body, for different intentions:

  • Exit via the navel: for the purpose of going to the underworlds to rescue pieces of your soul that are traumatized
  • Exit via the heart: to travel in the material world, what we call our day to day reality
  • Exit via the forehead: to go to the heavens and to your star guide to manifest and to merge with the highest consciousness

To prepare for the out of body experience, Sergio will guide us through an exercise using an energetic Obsidian mirror, which is intended to protect us energetically during the out of body experience.

You will also learn ‘the reality test’ to ascertain when you are in an OBE, and indicators, such as distinguishable vibrational changes which precede an OBE.

A unique opportunity to learn from Sergio during this brand new workshop.

Sergio Magana

Sergio Magana is a well-known and respected shaman living in Mexico, who has been initiated into the 5000 year old Toltec lineage.

Visiting us from Mexico, Sergio is one of a few spokespeople chosen by his lineage to share this ancient and hidden wisdom with the world.


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