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What's on: 30 Sep

CANCELLED! Clear Karma with Kundalini Yoga CANCELLED!

CANCELLED! Clear Karma with Kundalini Yoga CANCELLED!

Gemma Bliss
Monday 30 September 2019
12:00pm - 4:00pm

Our karmas are the seeds of our past actions, which sprout into behavioural patterns and belief systems that create the illusory reality/maya that we inhabit.

In the Hindu tradition, karmas are created through our past choices and behaviours, both in this lifetime and carried forward from previous lifetimes.

In this kundalini yoga workshop, we use specific techniques of movement, meditation and mantra to work on clearing our past karmas, purifying our personal and ancestral history.

We shake out the rug of our past to allow us to start afresh and forge a new reality for ourselves.

This workshop is for everyone, regardless of level or ability. All you need to practise is an open mind and willing spirit. You may find some of the movements challenging but always worth your best efforts. There will be chairs available for those who find it uncomfortable sitting on the floor/yoga mat for extended periods of time. Please wear comfy clothes appropriate for movement.

Gemma Bliss

I have worked with many styles of yoga - from Ashtanga to Vinyasa for more than ten years and teach Kundalini and general hatha yoga. When not teaching yoga I write regular magazine features for Om Yoga, Yoga and Everyday Health.


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This event has been cancelled.

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