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What's on: 3 Nov

Secrets of the East - Finding Your Inner Path Secrets of the East - Finding Your Inner Path

Secrets of the East - Finding Your Inner Path

Sri Anish & Anandi .
Sunday 3 November 2019
10:00am - 5:00pm

Across the world for thousands of years, humans have been searching for the Truth, the reality of life, a way to move beyond the duality of pain and pleasure and a path to realise everlasting joy, happiness and peace which is not dependent on any external circumstances. This search for eternal happiness can be initiated by following a specific path which suits your being, based on your individual composition.

Those who can find their inner path, which is in absolute alignment with their inner being, have much more possibility to realise the state which some call enlightenment, nirvana, oneness, divine, joyfulness, eternal peace or abundant love.

In the Eastern tradition, especially in India, a tremendous amount of work has been done to craft different paths for different types of human beings. Deep work has happened and is still happening to reveal the energy composition of a spiritual aspirant and guide him or her accordingly on the path.

This day is a great opportunity for anyone who wants genuine progress in their spiritual journey. You will get to spend one full day with Sri Anish, a being who has walked through many paths, realised their ups and downs and is now guiding spiritual aspirants across the globe to find their own inner alignment with a specific path which suits them best.

This day will have the following components:

  • deep interactive dialogue sessions to understand various paths for the inner journey (such as the path of Karma (selfless service), Gyan (knowledge), Dhyan (self-contemplation) and Bhakti (devotion); each will be delved into deeply in the context of modern day life in the West
  • a session on how to choose your own path based on your temperament/energy composition
  • a session on overcoming the problems and pitfalls we face on our inner journey
  • an open question and answer session to give more personal insight and clarity for each participant
  • a guided meditation with Anandi
  • silent sittings to dive deep into our inner worlds to taste the nectar of love, peace and joy

Sri Anish

Sri Anish. After creating a high-profile career in the corporate sector, Sri Anish was pulled into finding “Who Am I”. For over a decade, he kept himself hidden from the world outside, going deeper into the secrets of inner world. Very recently, he started making himself available to all. Sri Anish now travels across the world, guiding seekers on the path. He conducts regular Satsanghs (Dialogues on Truth) and retreats with sincere seekers. He also takes friends on pilgrimages to important spiritual places in India, the flavour of these pilgrimages are like travelling retreats.

Anandi .

Anandi - A meditator and an example of spirituality in day to day life activities, Anandi dedicated herself into inner quest and knowing 21 years ago. A keen sense of music and “sound” as her Sadhana (spiritual practice), she spends a lot of her time diving deep into the sounds and its silence. For her, each aspect of life is pure spirituality and an opportunity to be more awakened. Anandi leads meditation groups and does regular Kirtans (spiritual singing and chanting). When not travelling, she spends great deal of her energies into organic farming and creative holistic cooking.


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