What's on: 15 Nov

Mantra Movement and Meditation

Mantra Movement and Meditation

Sonya Kumar
Friday 15 November
1:00pm - 5:00pm

Yoga is an ancient methodology passed down through the ages to reach the ultimate understanding of who we are. This half day workshop brings together different branches of yoga from the East to bring you back to where you belong: here and now.

The word “yoga" has been commonly used in modern times to describe what mainly is a bodily practice of postures and flexibility. But with awareness, yoga extends beyond our physical body to our mental body, and then to the subtler meditative layers of our being to ultimately reach our centre of eternal peace, love and bliss.

Sonya has designed this workshop to help you to access your natural meditative self in a way that is simple, yet deeply effective and nourishing.

The half day will consist of:

Chanting - together we will chant a simple but powerful Sanskrit mantra to calm our senses and allow our wandering minds to settle Breath work - Pranayama detoxifies the physical and mental layers of our being and rhythmical breathing exercises can bring us to a state of energised stillness.

Yoga - Hatha Yoga practices, (suitable for all body types) reinstates the flow of prana (energy) to areas of deep tension and holding. By bringing loving awareness to our body and away from our thoughts, we can reinvigorate and rebalance the entire body-mind system.

Silent Sitting - an opportunity to access a more profound and settled state of being. Sitting with a mood of inner inquiry is at once beautiful, effortless and revealing. And in the collective presence of each other our experience can become much deeper.

This will culminate in a deep yoga flow incorporating all these elements. All levels of experience welcome.

Sonya Kumar

Sonya is a commercial property lawyer, yoga teacher and percussionist in kirtans.


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