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What's on: 24 Nov

CANCELLED  Beyond the Veil - Movement Medicine Shamanic Dance  CANCELLED

CANCELLED Beyond the Veil - Movement Medicine Shamanic Dance CANCELLED

Ali Young
Sunday 24 November 2019
10:00am - 5:00pm

What is Movement Medicine? Ali says: "Shamanic dance, known as Movement Medicine, as a form of active "journeying", will be the main teaching method in these workshops. Please be reassured that as long as you like moving to music that is the only level of proficiency required. This is absolutely not about performance or skill but rather the pleasure of following what and how the body wants to move. Movement medicine will deepen your connection to yourself, your creativity and the integrity and guidance of your own soul". Please wear layered, loose clothes suitable for movement and bring bottled water, a notebook and pen.

Most shamanic cultures believe that social and collective health requires being in active relationship with those they call the ancestors.

This means communication and sometimes even gift giving.

Dancing “Behind the Veil” you will have an opportunity to tune into the unseen realms. It is highly likely that if you simply stop and allow yourself to be aware you already know which of the unseen realms needs tending to.

It might be a visit to a grave to offer flowers, it might be a quiet thank you, it may be speaking your truth to someone who has already “passed”, it may be asking to be freed or blessed.

This workshop will employ dance, ritual and shamanic journeying to transform whatever needs seeing to at this juncture in your life.

Ali Young

Dr Ali Young has worked with conscious dance practices for nearly 30 years, working extensively with Gabrielle Roth, the founder of 5 Rhythms and Ya’acov and Susannah Darling Khan, at The School of Movement Medicine. She has been teaching Movement Medicine for the last five years, as well as mentoring apprentices and teachers in training with the school. She is a passionate advocate of our need to restore the medicines of the British Isles, grounding them in our daily lives. Ali is also an associate lecturer on the Mental Health Nursing Degree at UWE in Bristol, where she lectures on childhood trauma and addiction. She is also trained as a systemic psychotherapist and has written a doctorate on leadership and spirituality, publishing her work on sacred embodiment and the feminine in a variety of forums.


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