What's on: 27 Oct

GWEN TATE LECTURE - The Gift of Alzheimer's

Maggie La Tourelle
Tuesday 27 October
7:00pm - 8:30pm

This talk will draw on Maggie La Tourelle’s personal experience as a companion to her mother who, when she had late-stage Alzheimer’s, had a spiritual awakening.

Maggie recorded their conversations for three and a half years and these, along with her commentary as a daughter, psychotherapist and healer, form the heart of her new book, The Gift of Alzheimer’s.

Her experience suggests that, contrary to popular belief there can be unexpected potential in late-stage Alzheimer’s and wonderful things can happen. Maggie will share what her mother told her when she slipped into the other world and will also give numerous examples of her mother’s newly found psychic abilities and extrasensory perception.

Her mother told Maggie things she could not have known and the accuracy of this personal information, Maggie believes, gives credibility to her mother’s connection with the other world.

So what is happening in late-stage Alzheimer’s? Maggie will offer her own hypothesis. She believes that with knowledge and Understanding family members and carers can create deeply loving and meaningful relationships, even at this late stage. She will talk about the important role of the companion and how someone with a spiritual dimension and an awareness of subtle energy can help the person with Alzheimer’s to realise his or her potential.

Using her knowledge as a psychotherapist, healer and spiritual companion, Maggie will chart the various stages of her mother’s protracted dying process from dissolution to transcendence.

This will provide invaluable insights into what can happen in Alzheimer’s, and also at the end-of-life. Looking at the wider context Maggie will touch on research that shows that her mother’s experiences were not unique - others when supported with love and understanding can have similar positive experiences that will enable them to move towards a peaceful transition to the Other World.

Maggie La Tourelle

Maggie La Tourelle is a writer, therapist and teacher with a passion for life. She has worked in the field of holistic health care for over thirty years, integrating psychotherapy, NLP, kinesiology and energetic healing.

At a personal level she has ten years hands-on experience helping to care for both her parents at the end of their lives. Her most recent book, **The Gift of Alzheimer


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