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What's on: 4 Mar

The Triple Goddess in Contemporary Society

The Triple Goddess in Contemporary Society

Michelle Hawcroft & Avril Price
Friday 4 March 2016
7:00pm - 8:30pm

Male or Female, we all have the ability to be creative.

When we open up this creative side of ourselves we allow ourselves to meet the Goddess within.

As wise women, Avril and Michelle will share with us this evening how the Goddess in all her manifestations, from the well-known to some very powerful Pagan Goddesses, is as relevant in our lives as ever and has wisdom that we can all embrace.

The role of the Triple Goddess, maiden, mother and crone can help us to understand the cycles that we all go through in life.

We will be exploring these three stages as a journey which we all take into maturity and understand how each cycle may have its own most influential goddess or goddesses.

Michelle Hawcroft

I have been aware of spirit since childhood and often saw and heard spirit talking to me then. My intuition grew stronger during my training as a nurse especially during periods of night duty. Through my Celtic ancestry, I have had many lifetimes using my psychic gifts. I walk in the path of my ancestors, using some of the old tools used long ago by wise women and teach scrying along with past life exploration, as well as psychic and mediumship skills.

Avril Price

A major milestone in my life was obtaining my first tarot deck. It was given to me by a special friend over 30 years ago. This gift marked the begining of an amazing journey with tarot. I consider myself to be most fortunate to be able to pass on the deep wisdom that is tarot and to inspire others from my extensive experience working with this wonderful 'system' as a navigator into self discovery and higher consciousness.


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