What's on: 25 Sep

The Sojourn of the Soul - The Importance of that Time In-Between Lives

Judy Sharp
Sunday 25 September
10:00am - 5:00pm

In human terms, birth is the beginning and death is the end. For the soul there is no end, merely a passing from one state of being to another as it sheds the heavy overcoat of a physical body and returns to its true light state of pure energy.

During this workshop we will explore the soul’s sojourn, from when it passes from one human body until it joins another in its next reincarnation. You will have the opportunity of experiencing this “In-Between Life” for yourself in the group regression at the end of the workshop, reminding you of your life’s purpose in this incarnation.

This workshop will cover in-between life experiences:

  • Soul Groups – what are they?
  • Who is in yours? What roles are they playing in this lifetime, & why?
  • The de-brief – understanding what your life lessons were in the life just lived and how that influences your next incarnation.
  • Time spent with your guide – always coming from a place of love and compassion, your guide can answer questions and clarify issues.
  • The Council of Elders – this is where the next assignment – the next incarnation – is discussed and agreed.
  • Setting the scene, choosing the cast of the play – and a reminder of the tasks you have set yourself this time round.
  • Preparing for the incarnation – final briefing, life in the womb, getting used to human emotions and a physical body.

Apart from experiencing that pure, unconditional love – which is beautifully emotional – you will come away with a much clearer idea of who you are and why you are here.

Judy Sharp

Judy Sharp is an experienced hypnotherapist who combines past life and spirit release work to resolve a wide spectrum of issues for her clients, from fears and phobias, stress and anxiety to weight loss and even a gambling addiction. Her mantra is "Find the root cause. Resolve the issues. Move on with your life." and it is this that frequently leads clients to explore a past life and, just as importantly, that life between lives where the life script is written and the key roles allocated.


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