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What's on: 27 Nov

Crystal Placement Wisdom

Crystal Placement Wisdom

Valerie Pitts
Sunday 27 November 2016
10:00am - 5:00pm

Our ancestors used the ancient art of placement to align Earth with the energy of other planets, such as the Sun, Moon, Venus, Saturn and Mars, when they decided where sacred sights should be built.

Stonehenge is said to be built on the magic square for the Sun. Other sacred places like the pyramids have also been found to be aligned with certain planets within our universe. Our ancestors also used the energy of the crystals to help them in this work and we can do the same within our lives.

As we grow spiritually we often forget to clear out the old, which can be physical, like items in our home or invisible like the residue of outgrown ideas and prejudices; childish feelings and old information.

Since our own energies are changing we should make changes in our homes and workspaces to raise the vibration surrounding us on a daily basis. Crystals are a wonderful tool to help us to recognise what changes are needed and how to bring about that change.

Today we will use some of the old ways to transform ourselves using crystals to improve those areas of our lives which need maybe more flow or some control.

Valerie Pitts

I worked as a legal P.A. in the West End for over 20 years before moving on to open my own shop selling antiques, retro clothing and crystals. It was here that my life changed, when one of the tutors at the College came into the shop and asked me if I knew that I was healing myself with the crystals. This sparked my passion for crystals and I embarked on a two year course at the International College of Crystal Healing and a further 13 years using my skills to heal clients using crystals.


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