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What's on: 5 Mar

Transforming Ties that Bind

Transforming Ties that Bind

Joan Osborne
Sunday 5 March 2017
10:00am - 5:00pm

We all carry ties to our near and distant past, to people who influenced us in some way and to those who drained our energies.

Much of this was on a subconscious level but we often continue to carry the ties long after the event – and maybe even from past life or ancient experiences.

Now comes a new way of resolving these ties in an easy and non-judgmental way. The time for apportioning ‘blame’ has passed. There is no need to go into detail of who did what to whom.

Using a simple technique and your own focus and intent, the inhibiting ties that bind us to our past or others in our life can be resolved in a safe and loving way.

‘Cutting’ the ties has served us well in the past but we are now being asked to resolve these situations in a more nurturing way – a way that will benefit not only us, but the subtle energy patterns of the world in which we live and beyond.

This is a time to heal those ties and change your future.

Joan Osborne

Joan Osborne was divinely blessed to be a channel for a variety of Light Beings.

It was a direct result of their inspiration that Joan began using her voice to bring in tonal frequencies specifically aimed at breaking down old inhibiting energy patterns to enable the energetic and physical bodies to realign more fully and harmoniously.


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