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Unveiling the Sushumma: The New Navigating System

Unveiling the Sushumma: The New Navigating System

David Manning
Tuesday 21 February
7:00pm - 8:30pm

These times of extreme and rapid change at a planetary level are also showing up in our energy field. We are being reconfigured to enable us to be more effective in the new frequencies. One aspect of this reconfiguration is the unveiling of the Sushummna. In this experiential event, David will talk about his introduction to and understanding of this strong current of energy that resides in a dimension underpinning the personality field.

For many, this power current has been cloaked and sheathed in an effort to remain invisible. David will help us unveil this deep, unwavering source of energy and richness that flows constantly through our lives. It is the place where life force upwells within us and we become aware of life flowing out of us rather than happening to us. This is the dimension of intentionality, a place of deep and quiet power that has always been available.

Now we must learn to navigate from this more potent place within us, so that we can negotiate our lives with more ease, detachment and focus.

This will be a frequency raising evening of guided meditation into this deeper dimension, There will be energy work, and discussion on the possibilities lying before us as we move into ever greater awareness of our universality.

David Manning

David has been involved in and investigating human potential, healing and energy work for twenty five years. He first trained at CPS over twenty years ago. He led the healing clinic for a number of years, as well as working as a psychic and course and workshop leader.


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