What's on: 7 Oct

What's Weighing You Down?

Judy Sharp
Tuesday 7 October
7:00pm - 8:30pm

Could past-life hunger pangs be tempting you to eat more than you should? Are you eating for two, feeding the cravings of a spirit “passenger”?

Judy Sharp is an experienced hypnotherapist who works primarily with obese people including those who have been refused bariatric surgery. She works from the inside out, uncovering the real reasons why people are holding on to excess weight.

Often it is as comfort or protection from abuse, hurt or rejection in this life; the weight itself will explain its role. Sometimes though, it goes deeper. Using past life, spirit release and soul retrieval techniques, she and her clients have seen amazing results.

Releasing spirit “passengers” often results in clients losing cravings for sweet or fatty foods. Finding one or more past lives where the client has died of starvation resolves issues of obsessive over-eating. Re-integrating or “bringing home” parts of the soul split off in times of trauma brings a feeling of “wholeness”, closure and healing of old wounds.

And invariably when asked, the excess weight - having done its job - is more than happy to leave!

It is a truly holistic approach that much to the surprise and delight of Judy’s more sceptical clients - seems to works remarkably well at every level.

Judy Sharp

Judy Sharp is an experienced hypnotherapist who combines past life and spirit release work to resolve a wide spectrum of issues for her clients, from fears and phobias, stress and anxiety to weight loss and even a gambling addiction. Her mantra is "Find the root cause. Resolve the issues. Move on with your life." and it is this that frequently leads clients to explore a past life and, just as importantly, that life between lives where the life script is written and the key roles allocated.


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