What's on: 6 Mar

The Anthropology of Angels and Interdimensional Beings

The Anthropology of Angels and Interdimensional Beings

Elizabeth Wood
Tuesday 6 March
7:00pm - 8:30pm

This evening's event will open up the fascinating worlds of interdimensional beings, with a special look at the most familiar interdimensional beings - Angels.

Elizabeth will guide you through the lexicon of interdimensional beings she's spent her whole life unwrapping. She will present us with many examples and case studies she has collected over the years which help illustrate the incredible relationship interdimensional beings and angels have with humanity.

The history of the angels and other interdimensional beings, discovered from years of research, case studies and personal experience, helps us understand more about our future and how we can shape it with more light and purpose.

For personal development and enrichment, this is precious information. Energetic freedom, deeper healing and protection are offered to us through developing relationships with interdimensional beings.

If you are working in psychic exploration or healing arts, or are simply looking for a much deeper connectedness to your angels and star families, then you will find the information you learn about how these beings affect and transform our lives enriching.

Healers will be able to understand what to expect with certain beings they may come across, and individuals can learn ways to connect to the beings who are always here to help us. An entire set of civilizations and their knowledge and wisdom are at our fingertips. Even the simple knowledge that they are always available to support us can be life changing.

Elizabeth Wood

Elizabeth Wood is a cultural anthropologist, futurist and theorist. With many years experience in quantum healing and Eastern medicine, she works as a seer, counsellor and scientist helping people attain energetic freedom.


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