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The Mystery and Mastery of the Runes

The Mystery and Mastery of the Runes

Edwin Courtenay
Sunday 21 January
10:00am - 5:00pm

Runes Stones are often passed by, by those seeking to develop their divinatory arts because of the misconception that they are too complicated to learn. In this one day workshop, Edwin Courtenay a Rune reader for 26 years, offers a reinterpretation of the Runes that places them not in a religious context but rather a more relatable and digestible spiritual one.

The workshop explores the meaning of the Runes as representations of the manifestation of the universe from the divine source to the word of the divine, to the kingdoms of animal, vegetable and mineral and the powers of healing, manifestation and the soul.

Guided by Edwin's hand you will learn how to read the Runes for yourself and others as well as how to apply them in simple and yet powerful talismanic magick for the unblocking of energy, clearing away negativity and catalysing spiritual progression as well as health, wealth and happiness.

This experiential workshop is for the complete novice and seasoned Rune worker alike offering a unique view of the Runes from an ascension/angel/ascended master and magickal perspective.

Edwin will be teaching this workshop using Elder Futhark Runes which can be purchased at the College reception.

Edwin Courtenay

Edwin would describe himself as one of the "Cunning Folk" a term used in the 15th century to describe those naturally gifted with psychic, spiritual and mystical abilities which they would use to help those in their community. A Pagan-a follower of the old ways of nature and the world-and a practising magician, Edwin works with ritual, ceremony, chant and song to heal and awaken, empower and transform.


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