Beyond the comfort zone of the safe and familiar, we can discover our greatness. In this livestream talk with the former editor of Kindred Spirit magazine, Claire Gillman, we explore how to enter and navigate this precious liminal space and to embrace the infinite possibility we find there.

We all feel at ease in our everyday routine. It's safe, familiar. Many of us can even navigate it 'with our eyes closed'. However, occasionally, we find ourselves pushed beyond it – whether by tough personal choice or situations beyond our control. In some cases, we create this liminal space - a pause between past and future - for ourselves, just by taking a deep breath, taking stock.

In this liminal space of the unknown, immense healing, insight and growth can happen. We wake up! These moments offer us opportunities for creativity, inspiration and awe if we accept them into our lives.

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About Claire Gillman

Image of course leader Claire Gillman Formerly the editor of Kindred Spirit magazine for over 10 years, Claire Gillman is a journalist, writer, editor and writing coach whose work has featured in many national publications.
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