The artist Francis Bacon was not, so far as is known, an occultist but he was aware of aspects of paranormal studies and practices. 

In this live, online talk, Francis Bacon's links with the occult will be addressed in a dialogue between Sophie Pretorius, who is the archivist of The Estate of Francis Bacon, and art historian Amanda Harrison.

Harrison and Pretorius will illustrate how the imagery in Bacon's paintings relates to esoteric, ritualistic, mythological, and alchemical themes. They will explore Bacon's cultural milieu and his friends' and family's connections to the occult, most notably through his second cousin, Dion Fortune (née Violet Firth). 

They will discuss the role of photography and picture-making in relation to the ephemeral or spectral, as well as the fascination with Egyptian mythology and art that Bacon shared with many others, and with African spirituality more broadly. 

The speakers will welcome contributions from the audience concerning aspects of 'Francis Bacon and the occult' of which they may not be aware.

This lecture will be recorded. A recording will be available to those who have booked.


This talk will be live in our online classroom

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About the Presenters

Image of course leader Amanda Harrison

Amanda Harrison

Amanda Harrison is an occasional art historian and poet, having previously worked in the fields of architecture, urban planning and interior design. She has a special interest in Francis Bacon.
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Image of course leader Sophie Pretorius

Sophie Pretorius

Sophie Pretorius is the archivist of The Estate of Francis Bacon collection. She has written and published numerous essays and articles about Francis Bacon.
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