Sound Healing

Sound healing ues the power of sound to restore ones's mind, body and spirit back to a stateof balance. The harmonic vibrations have a deep penetrating effect, promoting healing and wellbeing.

Sound Healing
Consultation - 1 hour


A coaching session connecting you with your soul, combining Spirit-led dialogue with the resonant healing power of sound, which may include voice, gong or shruti box. The session can either be a one-off or an initial session depending on you and your needs as they unfold. The session starts from a point of open discussion to illuminate where you are in life, where you want to be and to bring forward anything that is holding you back (such as any blocks from repeating patterns, imbalances or resistance to change) from being in greater alignment with your true self. Sometimes feelings, thoughts and experiences may come up after our session and you can contact me to discuss these as part of our work together.

Please note that Olaf also offers at the College: one hour private gong bath therapy sessions and two hour soul coaching sessions which include a gong bath. These can be booked through our reception on 0207 589 3292. Details can be found in our programme under the visiting consultants section or from reception.

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Sound Healing
Consultation - 1 hour

Joan uses a channelled light language which is personal to you in the moment (and will therefore never be repeated), with the aim to release old fears and traumas, thus allowing your energy bodies to come more into alignment and balance. All you need do is to be open and relaxed in order to receive the maximum benefit. Although physical benefits cannot be guaranteed, Joan believes that this healing method has produced significant improvements in general well-being as it moves to create a more harmonious DNA structure.


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