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Introductory: Personal and Spiritual Development

These introductory courses are a good way to explore your potential in different areas of psychic and spiritual growth, helping you to choose the path you would like to pursue in depth.

This course is aimed at guiding you into an exploration of your psychic abilities.

During these six weeks you will learn through visualisation, meditation, exercises and discussion how to:

  • Sense and expand your energy field
  • Close down, ground and protect
  • Work with and learn about your chakras
  • Look at any blocks in your energy field that may be holding you back from aligning yourself to positive opportunities.
  • Access information through universal intelligence, the archangels and your spirit guides and helpers.
  • Work on your psychic abilities, with psychic exercises and tools to develop your abilities.
  • Give simple psychic readings to other class members
  • Convey information accurately and responsibly
  • Understand the different vibrations between psychic work and mediumistic work.
£160 (Full price)
17 Sep - 22 Oct, Tuesdays, 2:00pm, 6 weeks

Our Chakras are the seven main energy centres of our body. They hold our life force energy and are the portals between our inner and outer worlds.

In order to reclaim our power and rebalance our energy we need to take a look at how each of our chakras is operating, one by one.

On this course we focus on one chakra at a time, from the base and moving up our energy system. On the day we use visualisations for each chakra to see how they are operating and learn ways to balance the chakra physically and emotionally.

We set up each chakra for clearing during the module so the energy continues to work between each meeting, we start to notice the physical and emotional imbalances so that they clear before our next meeting when we move up to the next chakra.

"Energy follows thought" and once you undertake this journey your body will start to respond and substantial energetic shifts come into play.

This course will teach you:

  • Grounding, protection and how to clear your energy
  • How to see into each of your chakras to check how they are operating
  • How to notice if a specific chakra has an imbalance
  • The reason it is out of balance and tools to balance and clear it.
£220 (Full price)
15 Oct - 26 Nov, Tuesdays, 1:30pm, 7 weeks
This course has been cancelled

Are you new to the College?

Do you feel a little overwhelmed when you look at the variety of events we run?

This course is especially designed to help you get started. Anthony will introduce you to a different topic every week, which when put together will give you a good basic understanding of our world and a direction of where your talents and interests may lie.

Subjects included will be:

  • What grounding is and how to do it
  • How to open and close your energy
  • How to meditate
  • The Chakra system explained
  • The importance of the heart chakra
  • Developing your sixth sense
  • Sensing energy
  • The difference between mediumistic and psychic
  • Connecting with your spiritual guides and helpers
£190 (Full price)
17 Sep - 19 Nov, Tuesdays, 5:15pm, 10 weeks

Come and join Daniel on a eight week journey to discover and work with your psychic ability.

Together we will focus on our psychic sensitivity to help understand and read the many aspects of energy that make up our individual lives.

Week 1 - Establish opening and closing of your psychic awareness. How we build it and use it Week 2 - Building good psychic connections with others: ways to connect and discover what works best for you Week 3 – Empathy: how we sense another person’s emotions Week 4 - Telepathy - the power of thought and how to use it in connecting with others Week 5 - Past, present, and future: how to feel, see, and hear these aspects of someone’s life. Week 6 - Colour: how it can move and affect you Week 7 - Psychic Touch: (psychometry) How we can feel energy and read it from objects, rooms/places Week 8 - Tarot, angel cards, divination cards - how to use symbols, colours and images to gain information

£190 (Full price)
9 Sep - 11 Nov, Mondays, 5:15pm, 10 weeks

A firm foundation in any psychic or mediumship work is essential.

Over this six week course Gary will guide you through the skills you need to lay the cornerstones of this work.

Week one: Meditation for quieting of the mind Week two: Grounding your energies Week three: Opening up and closing down your psychic self Week four: Looking at your intuitive gifts Week five: Sensing subtle changes in energy Week six: Reviewing the foundations

Each week there will be time for discussion and sharing your experiences.

You will leave having built the foundations for your future psychic and mediumistic work and will have the understanding and confidence to continue your development in this field.

£160 (Full price)
22 Oct - 26 Nov, Tuesdays, 5:00pm, 6 weeks

As we start on our journey we will need tools to navigate our way safely along our spiritual path.

We are all grounded because of gravity, but life events can destabilise us and Martha will teach you different everyday ways of grounding and protecting yourself to establish good housekeeping habits - this will send a clear Intention to the universe that you are prepared and ready for this wonderful journey into your intuition.

We all have a natural ability to sense what is around us. We can feel through our body and “see” with our third eye.

If you have ever entered a room and felt uncomfortable or very comfortable for no apparent reason then you are sensing energies. How you can use that information to understand what is happening around you and how you respond is called using your intuition.

Martha will also show you how to start developing your intuition using a variety of fun exercises, including psychometry, auric readings, and by using story telling cards.

You will start to discover and understand your own energy and learn how your body and mind can link to the energies of the wider world and to other people so that you can begin to live intuitively.

£200 (Full price)
16 Sep - 4 Nov, Mondays, 7:00pm, 8 weeks

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