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What's on: 3 Jun

Come and Rediscover Your Energy and Intuition

Come and Rediscover Your Energy and Intuition

Martha Brett
Sunday 3 June 2018
10:00am - 5:00pm

We all have the natural ability to sense what is around us. We can feel through our body and ‘see’ with our third eye.

If you have entered a room and felt uncomfortable or relaxed for no apparent reason, then you are sensing energies and listening to your intuition. Join Martha and enjoy a day of honing, reigniting or rediscovering your lost or forgotten intuition.

Using various exercises including: chakra reading, auric reading, story cards and using photos brought in by the group, discover more about your energy and how it affects you and those around you.

Learn to link to the energies of the wider world and understand how you can start to live intuitively.

This day will be filled with practical exercises which will enable you to move forward in the knowledge that you are prepared and ready for the wonderful journey into in intuition.

Please bring with you a photo of a loved one (alive or passed over to spirit) in a sealed envelope. (one person in the picture only)

Martha Brett

After leaving the United States at the age of 18, I lived and travelled extensively in the Middle East, Africa and Europe before settling in London with my children. Whilst on a computer course my hands would get hot, and after a year of putting them into cold water to relieve them, I was led to the College and to the healing course. Combined with my cultural interest and learning from my travels, I have developed my own techniques for working with people of all nationalities, cultures and backgrounds, bringing in very strong and often ancient healing entities to deal with various problems such as psychic attack, negative cording, spirit and elemental attachments and negative thought forms.


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