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Olaf is back at the College
3rd February 2015
Why not treat yourself for a sound bath?


Professional Excellence in Tarot - Module Six - Moving Forward
Professional Excellence in Tarot - Module Six - Moving Forward
Sunday 24 November, 10:00 - 17:00


Have you a burning desire to be a professional Tarot consultant, not only that but a consultant who is sought after and well recommended? If the answer is yes, then this six part modular Tarot course in Professional Excellence training will assist you in getting the most out of your practice and will help to accelerate your professional advancement.

This training course is comprised of six modules and is designed for Tarot students at an Advanced level who are serious about developing their Tarot, communication and business skills to a professional standard. Each module will inspire and empower and boost your courage and confidence in order to take that next step.

Subject matter in the modules covers preparing for a consultation, to setting up a business.

Module one must be the first module you complete, after that the modules can be taken in any order you wish. The modules can be done as a whole course or as a stand-alone.

After completing the six modules, you will be required to give a one hour tarot reading to your tutor Avril and another one hour reading to the College Principal. On satisfactory completion of all six modules and your two readings, the College will award you a certificate in Professional Excellence in Tarot signed by Avril and the College Principal.

In this module you will be making a mood board for your business: What images represent your business? How do you want your business to look, colour, typography, logos? How is your vision reflected by the mood board? From this module you can look at the bigger picture for your business and can assess if your business is on track. This session includes advice on seeking work opportunities and the impotance of having insurance. Neither Avril or the College can offer attendees work or a probationer placement at the College.


Avril Price  - Tarot
Avril Price - Tarot
Avril Price

Avril Price is a Tarot Master. Her Tarot consultations are inspiring, intuitive and insightful, she brings together various areas of expertise that will illuminate the trends and influences that operate in your life which encourage positive life choices.

Tarot is a mirror to the soul and Avril works with the cards to explore your story, giving you the opportunity to take a more objective view of your circumstances.

Avril’s consultations offer an opportunity to look at your personal dynamics and what life experiences have shaped you and how you can maximise these experiences to better effect, thereby enhancing your path.


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