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What's on: 28 Jul

CANCELLED Students Demonstration of Trance CANCELLED

Elizabeth Roberts
Friday 28 July 2017
7:00pm - 8:30pm

Would you like to see trance mediumship in action?

Then this is really not to be missed.

The college is fortunate to have a very gifted trance tutor in Elizabeth Roberts and tonight her advanced students will demonstrate their skills.

Each student and their spiritual communicator will work in different ways according to their particular skill and spiritual purpose.

For anyone new to trance mediumship, this might help: Trance mediumship is a partnership between a medium and his or her spirit communicator. The blending of their energies enables the spirit communicator to use a level of control of their mediums consciousness and their voice box to impart knowledge and guidance. Changes of voice pattern, inflection and general manner of speech along with changes in facial features can be evidenced.

Elizabeth Roberts

Many have been the occasions when people I meet through my spiritual work including my students, have asked me how did I know that this was the path for me. I always answer that there came a time when the knocking was very loud and once I answered that knock, I never looked back. I describe the transition that occurred in my life as being reincarnated without physically dying! Such was the drastic and dramatic change commencing first on a personal level which of course entailed changes that had to be made and which at the time were difficult yet, I always knew I was following my dream.


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