Life is infinitely stranger than anything which the mind of man could invent.

- Sherlock Holmes

It is the aim of the College to demonstrate sensitivity, mediumship and trance of the highest standard.

This text has been written to give you a basic understanding of the nature of the spiritual communication process. For those consulting a psychic/medium for the first time, we ask you to come to your sitting with an open mind and a willingness to participate. The minimum age to attend a consultation is 18 years.

Guidelines What to expect when consulting a psychic or medium: Before booking a consultation please read our programme, which clearly shows what each consultant offers, to ensure that your requirements will be met.

When you go for your appointment, take a recording device so that you can review the consultation later, in your own space and time (most consultants will agree to recording, but enquire first). If no recorder is available to you, the College can provide a CD recorder and charges £5 per CD. Allow yourself enough time to arrive punctually with a little time to relax in our Library, so that tension from the journey can calm.

Most consultants will explain how they work before starting and will make sure you are comfortable, before commencing. This is a good time to ask about anything you are uncertain about, regarding the procedure of the consultation.

During the consultation, be as relaxed as possible, enjoying communicating with the consultant, in the same way as the consultant enjoys communicating with you. It is a two-way communication between you, but when a spirit communicator is involved, such as a relative, friend or other, it is of course a three-way communication and any communication requires input from all concerned, to be successful.

Most of the information received about you or about those belonging to you in spirit, is received quite spontaneously by the consultant, therefore it is important that any expectations you may have, about hearing information on specific subjects or people, be put aside during the consultation. Expectation creates an atmosphere which is not conducive to receiving successful results, but if patience is exercised throughout the consultation, by all parties, success can be obtained.

After the consultation, if you are uncertain about the procedure for further consultations or for the length of time needed after a bereavement, do not hesitate to ask the consultant who will be happy to advise you.

Communicate your needs clearly if asked by the psychic/medium, but be aware that the answers given might be different to those which you are expecting. It does sometimes happen that the psychic/medium will receive information for the sitter which may be what they need to know at that time, as opposed to what they have asked to know. When asking for evidence of survival please approach the session with an open mind. The medium cannot command a specific spirit to communicate with them, and so we cannot guarantee that contact will be made with a particular person. Very often those communicating from the spirit realm are family members or friends, but not necessarily the person you might be hoping to communicate with. However, if you remain patient and open, the medium can sometimes encourage the connection you are hoping for.

If you are specifically interested in the way information is received by our consultants, you might like to peruse our programme and consider whether joining one of the many varied courses available would be suitable, or attend any of our interesting lectures, demonstrations or workshops to discover more.

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