Life is infinitely stranger than anything which the mind of man could invent.

- Sherlock Holmes

It is the aim of the College to demonstrate sensitivity, mediumship and trance of the highest standard.

This text has been written to give you a basic understanding of the nature of the spiritual communication process. For those consulting a psychic/medium for the first time, we ask you to come to your sitting with an open mind and a willingness to participate. The minimum age to attend a consultation is 18 years.

Guidelines Before booking a consultation with a psychic/medium, decide what it is you require from the session. Do you want evidence of survival, spiritual guidance or practical advice?

When you go for your appointment, allow yourself enough time to arrive punctually and also try to ensure that you are in as calm a state as possible before you go in. If you are feeling rushed and harassed, the psychic/medium may this pick up and your agitated state could be reflected in the reading.

Communicate your needs clearly if asked by the psychic/medium, but be aware that the answers given might be different to those which you are expecting. It does sometimes happen that the psychic/medium will receive information for the sitter which may be what they need to know at that time, as opposed to what they have asked to know.

Most psychic/mediums will allow the session to be recorded. The College charges £5 per CD. Alternatively, you are welcome to bring your own recording advice. It is important to play back your session when you have enough time to concentrate on the recording and to listen properly to the information that you were given. Sometimes things you did not understand during the session will make perfect sense later.

During the session the psychic/medium will often ask if the information you are receiving is making sense. Be open and honest in response. In most cases a simple yes or no answer is all that is required.

In our everyday lives, we do not always 'connect' with the people we meet and you may find that this occasionally happens when you are sitting with a psychic/medium. Remember that communication with spirit involves different energies and vibrations. If the energy is not right at this time, and communication is not forthcoming, do not give up. Try again with a different sensitive/medium at a later date.

When asking for evidence of survival please approach the session with an open mind. The medium cannot command a specific spirit to communicate with them, and so we cannot guarantee that contact will be made with a particular person. Very often those communicating from the spirit realm are family members or friends, but not necessarily the person you might be hoping to communicate with. However, if you remain patient and open, the medium can sometimes encourage the connection you are hoping for.

Spirit communication can come in many forms. Some mediums will hear spirit (clairaudience), some will see spirit (clairvoyance), and some will sense spirit (clairsentience). Some will have a combination of all three senses. In clairsentience and in clairvoyance the medium will have to interpret the feeling or image sensed by them. In clairaudience the medium will relay the information heard. Take note of all the information given to you by the medium and hopefully the combination of the little details and impressions will enable you to recognise the communicator.

Special Note on Trance Mediumship:

Trance mediumship is different from mediumship. It is important that once the medium is in trance, the sitter should respect the delicate state that the medium is in at this time. If you make any sudden movements or attempt to leave the room before the medium has returned to their normal state of awareness, this can be physically harmful to them. With trance consultations you may be asked to come with questions for the guide/teacher who communicates through the sensitive. Once the session is under way you may find that you can have a meaningful conversation with the guide and that they will be able to provide answers to your questions.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is the difference between a psychic and a medium? A medium is able to form a link between the living and those in the spirit world, allowing these spirits to communicate with loved ones through messages the medium is able to relay. A psychic has the ability to sense, understand and interpret information about a sitters life, without contact from those in spirit, that can aid in emotional, physical and spiritual guidance.

2. What is trance Mediumship? Trance mediumship is a partnership between a medium and his or her spiritual communicator. The blending of their energies enables the spirit communicator to use a level of control of their medium’s consciousness and their voice box to impart knowledge and guidance. Changes to voice pattern, inflection and general manner of speech along with changes in facial features can be evidenced.

3. How long should you wait after bereavement before you see a consultant? We advise anyone who has been bereaved that they should wait at least six months before seeking contact with their loved one.

4. What should I do if I realise once the sitting has started that I’m not with the right consultant? If you feel that you are not receiving the correct information, or if your chosen consultant does not feel that there is a specific link from spirit to you, you can terminate the sitting within the first 10mins and the consultant will return you to the reception desk where an alternative sitting may be selected.

5. I do not want to receive messages from a deceased person so who should I see? Take a look at our consultants who work psychically rather than those who specialise in mediumship. Communicate your needs clearly to the consultant that you choose.

6. Why do I need to pay in advance for a consultation? We require payment at the time of booking as each consultant will come to the College specifically for your sitting. If you do not come to your consultation we will still need to pay the consultant for their time.

7. How do I choose which consultant is right for me. Each consultant can provide a specific service and we recommend that you take the time to look at each biography to find the person that you feel has the right skills to help you. If you are still unsure of whom to select, our reception team will be able to assist you.

8. Can you recommend someone for me? We cannot make recommendations as choosing a consultant is a very personal thing. We can however suggest a few people that we may feel would suit your needs. The final choice is yours.

9. Can you explain how the consultant works. Each consultation is tailored to your needs. You sit with the consultant who (depending on the type of reading) will ‘tune-in’ to spirit or your own energy to provide guidance or messages from spirit. Questions are usually welcomed and we advise you to record the sitting as it is common that something that you do not understand at the time will make perfect sense later, once you have had time to reflect on what was said.

10. How often should I come to see a consultant. A consultant will usually be happy to advise you on this but the College recommends that you do not visit a consultant too often.

11. What is the duration of a consultation. Our regular consultations are generally 50minutes with an additional 10minutes for discussion.

12. Why are there limited appointments in the evenings? The College runs most of its development classes in the afternoon and evenings so our tutors are unable to undertake consultations at these times.

13. What are your refund terms and conditions? Sittings are fully refundable up to 3 days after your booking was made. After this period a 75% refund is available provided you inform us 2 days before the consultation date. After this no refund is available.

Current UK law obliges the College to state that all consultations given are for educational and entertainment purposes only.

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