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What does it mean to create our own reality? Has that always been a possibility? Are we really in a time when that is more available individually and collectively?

This webinar will be an exploration of what it is to create our own reality: what that means, what is required and some useful guidelines.

The ability and willingness to manifest a life that has been dreamed of requires a lot of attention to detail. Many patterns of wounding and self-sabotage will have to be cleared, limiting beliefs released, age old loyalties dissolved. This has always been the case.

Now though, more than ever, it is possible to create from a fresh template. It is becoming possible to “allow” creation to flow through us unhindered, so that energies we would never have thought to access flow through us, into this world. This is partly due to the vast amount of work undertaken by the collective in clearing layers of density. It is also that we are becoming aware, as a tangible experience, that we are our Highest Self. This has not been available at a collective level before. Individuals have always led the way, held the torch. Now, millions around the world are recognising the simple truth of that statement. It changes everything.

As we move more deeply into the collective shift on this planet, our old ways of perceiving and experiencing are falling away. The vast systems of conditioning that have bound humanity are being recognised and rapidly released. Our creative, and co-creative potential is being unleashed in ways never before seen. These truly are unprecedented times of transformation.

We will work with those frequencies to release old limiting patterns of conditioning, and open to the new energies now available on the planet.

If this is of interest, then why not register for this webinar where we will explore:

  • Alignment with the creative pulse of life
  • Getting out of the way
  • Releasing conditioning and limiting beliefs
  • Healing wounds that keep us disempowered
  • Giving ourselves permission to be and have more
  • Co-creation. Who are we creating with?
  • What is allowed? What do I want?
  • The hearts longing
  • Individual versus collective creation
  • Surrender as a part of the creative process
  • The new frequencies and timelines

This webinar will be an energetic experience, not just a theoretical explanation. There will be meditations and energy clearings to help activate a deeper level of co-creative potential in all present. The very fact that this talk is now taking place as an online event, it is in some ways, testament to the co-creative possibilities that are now manifesting.

£18 (Full price)
Saturday 18 Nov @ 5:00pm (UK time).
12:00 (East Coast), 09:00 (West Coast).

Would you like to experience healing from a group of multidimensional beings known as the Spirit Doctor Team? In this webinar Susan will introduce the Team, share how they work and then gently guide you into an experiential healing session with them.

Many of these doctors previously walked on the earth plane as physicians and healers giving them great understanding and compassion for the human condition. They now continue their stellar work from spirit side. The Team utilizes future tools and technologies along with ancient earth wisdoms creating a wide range of healing modalities to assist you.
Participants often feel the Team working with them. Some have seen the Doctors and others have heard them speak. Unique insights and guidance are many times given to both contemplate and propel you to your next level.

You will be guided into a deep state of relaxation and held in their loving field and hands. Here, past life issues impacting you in this lifetime can resolve. Life force energies within your physical, emotional, and mental bodies can restore. People have said that they feel lighter, less encumbered, and more confident. After a session with the Team many are ready to reclaim their sovereignty, well-being, and their multidimensionality.

Because we are living in times of rapid change and rising frequencies on the planet, our bodies can be quite ruffled. Susan will be asking to calm the body’s systems and for expansion of the cells capacities to allow in the Light that is currently streaming on the planet.

Now more than ever, access to these magnificent energies and profound healings is possible as the veils to the spirit world are dissolving. Susan will receive guidance for our group of participants and will share the information that comes through at the end of the session.

Why not reserve your place at the reduced price of £15 for Members and £20 for Non-Members now? Even if you cannot attend on the day, you will be able to listen to the replay in your own time at the prices just mentioned. After the live event, the price of the webinar replay will go up to £17 for Members and £22 for Non-Members, so don't miss out!


£18 (Full price)
Saturday 9 Dec @ 5:00pm (UK time).
12:00 (East Coast), 09:00 (West Coast).

Join energy intuitive and spiritual guide Andrew Martin, as he guides us through powerful energy work and practices to unlock the potential that this new year holds. In his work Andrew accesses transformational frequencies which support the dissolution of blocks, interference from past lives, and programs of limitation.

This webinar will be a combination of powerful energy work which can help overwrite old programs; as well as practical tools to assist us in unlocking and connecting to our innate power.

2017 was a year of massive clearing. We saw so many old ideas, institutions, and stories crash and burn on the personal level as well as globally. It was not an easy year, but it was a necessary one. There were things that simply weren't compatible with where we are headed in 2018.

For those of us who are building upon a foundation of personal integrity, compassion, truth, and love, 2018 is a year where anything is possible. It seem at the beginning of the year we are often so eager to make a fresh start, only to see our resolutions fizzle and die out in the first couple of months. How do we break free from hopping on the treadmill of repeating the same patterns of the old year? Even though we long to break free from playing it small, living small, and being ruled by fear; it can often seem quite daunting as to how exactly to do it.

Energetically we are often working against entrenched mental patterns as well as cellular memories that keep us locked in old beliefs and behaviors. Once we have cleared those old structures we open a space to activate new choices and programs, which support us in breaking bonds with the past.

Make the leap from the old into the new and let 2018 be the clean slate upon which your year of radical change and personal transformation is written.

Please note: you can access the recording of the webinar at any time after broadcast - listen at your own leisure, even if you can't attend the live online event.

£18 (Full price)
Saturday 20 Jan @ 5:00pm (UK time).
12:00 (East Coast), 09:00 (West Coast).

Would you like to feel more cherished, available and worthy of love?

Would you like to learn how to love and value yourself practically and unconditionally, so you can feel well and attract the healthy forms of love that make life worth living?

Join international bestselling author Blake D. Bauer in exploring how to think and love in healthy ways that are grounded in deep self-worth, self-respect and self-acceptance. Discuss how to transform destructive beliefs and habits that continue to create heart break or dissatisfaction.

We are all worthy of happiness and true love, however, each day we must think, speak, act and make choices that support us rather than harm us. This webinar will help you to take the next step in overcoming fear, shame, doubt, insecurity, guilt and past hurt so you can open your heart fully to life and to love.

You can access the recording of the webinar at any time after broadcast - listen at your own leisure, even if you can't attend the live online event.

Please note: you will receive a confirmation email immediately upon booking with the login details for the webinar. Please check your spam folder if you cannot see the confirmation email in your inbox.

£18 (Full price)
Saturday 17 Feb @ 5:00pm (UK time).
12:00 (East Coast), 09:00 (West Coast).

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