• Matt Wingett

    Matt Wingett

    Portsmouth-based Matt Wingett's fascination with Conan Doyle and Spiritualism began early, when he discovered that the great author once lived in his home town and created Sherlock Holmes there.

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  • Matthew Fox

    Matthew Fox

    Theologian and spiritual activist Matthew Fox advocates a spirituality that includes Eastern spirituality, the Wisdom Tradition in the Hebrew Bible, and respect for the Earth and native traditions.

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  • Mel Collins

    Mel Collins

    Author of the internationally acclaimed 'The Handbook for Highly Sensitive People', Mel Collins is a psychotherapeutic counsellor, healer, life coach, angelic channel and former prison governor.

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  • Michelle Hawcroft

    Michelle Hawcroft

    Third-generation psychic medium Michelle Hawcroft is also a healer, hypnotherapist, psychometer and wise woman. Through her Celtic ancestry, she has worked with her psychic gifts over many lifetimes.

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  • Mya Spalter

    Mya Spalter

    Mya Spalter is a writer, editor and poet. She wrote Enchantments: A Modern Witch’s Guide to Self-Possession while working at New York's oldest occult shop, Enchantments.

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  • Natasha Astara

    Natasha Astara

    Spiritual Empath and Priestess of Avalon and the Goddess, Natasha Astara trained for many years at The College of Psychic Studies. She works with angels, ascended masters and the goddesses.

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  • Neil Kerr

    Neil Kerr

    Musician Neil Kerr holds regular kirtan (devotional singing sessions), with the intention of inviting the divine through our voices and connecting with each other through the stillness within.

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  • Nicholas Pearson

    Nicholas Pearson

    Award-winning author of seven books, Reiki practitioner and crystal healer Nicholas Pearson has been involved in all aspects of the mineral kingdom for nearly three decades.

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  • Nicky Huntingford

    Nicky Huntingford

    Psychic medium Nicky Huntingford specialises in providing information in clear, concise, everyday language. She can look into past lives and how they affect current relationships.

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  • Nicolas Bruno

    Nicolas Bruno

    New York-based artist and photographer Nicolas Bruno created The Somnia Tarot, a surreal photography-based deck inspired by the landscapes of his own dreams and nightmares.

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  • Nicoletta Stephens

    Nicoletta Stephens

    Michigan-born Nicoletta Stephens comes from a long line of psychic women and trained under Gerrie March. This has helped her to see the spirit world more clearly as a happy next step after death.

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  • Dr Nida Chenagtsang

    Dr Nida Chenagtsang

    Tibetan physicist Dr Nida Chenagtsang studied Traditional Tibetan Medicine at Lhasa Tibetan Medicine University. He specialises in subjects including dream analysis, Bardo and Phowa.

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