• Gemma Bliss

    Gemma Bliss

    Gemma Bliss has been teaching kundalini yoga since 2010, and practising various styles of yoga and meditation for more than two decades. She has a MA in yoga and meditation from SOAS.

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  • Gemma Petherbridge

    Gemma Petherbridge

    Akashic Records reader, crystal author and teacher Gemma Petherbridge believes our intuition is our best source of guidance. One of her most beloved modalities is crystal therapy.

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  • Geoffrey Beitz

    Geoffrey Beitz

    Geoffrey Beitz bought his first tarot deck in 1973, and the rest is history! He studied under the guidance of Gerrie March at the College and now teaches mediumship and psychic development .

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  • Geraldine Beskin

    Geraldine Beskin

    Every Londoner knows The Atlantis Bookshop. One of the city's oldest occult bookstores, it has been in Beskin's family for more than 50 years. She's a wealth of wisdom on all things occult and literary.

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  • Gerrie March

    Gerrie March

    Senior College Tutor Gerrie March has worked as a psychic medium for over 40 years, and has been at the College since 1983. She is an award holder of the Spiritual National Union.

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  • Giancarlo Serra

    Giancarlo Serra

    A graduate of The College of Psychic Studies, Giancarlo Serra has studied many healing modalities, including Spiritual Counselling training, and is a healer, therapist and Reiki teacher.

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  • Githa Ben-David

    Githa Ben-David

    Author, singer and composer, Githa Ben-David was educated in classical saxophone at The Royal Conservatory in Copenhagen and studied classical Indian singing in Varanasi, India.

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  • Gordon Smith

    Gordon Smith

    Psychic medium Gordon Smith is an ex-barber from Glasgow with a unique, natural gift of spiritual communication. Today, he is widely accepted as one of the most accurate mediums in the world.

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  • Grainne McAnallen

    Grainne McAnallen

    Grainne McAnallen is an advanced Yoga Nidra Instructor, an advanced Yoga Instructor, an Energy Coach, and a Family and Organisational Constellation Practitioner.

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  • Hanelle Levine

    Hanelle Levine

    Hanelle Levine is an artist, educator, healer, and homeopath. Sensitive to Spirit frequencies since an early age, her connection with the numinous realms informs her art practice.

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  • Helen Nde

    Helen Nde

    Cameroonian-born researcher, writer and artist Helen Nde curates Mythological Africans, an online space dedicated to myths, spirituality and culture from the African continent.

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  • Hernan Cotroneo

    Hernan Cotroneo

    A psychic medium who trained as a psychologist specialising in Jungian symbolism and archetypes, Hernan Cotroneo combines the psychic and the psychological in his practice.

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