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You are never too old to set another goal or to dream another dream.

- C.S.Lewis

There are many different courses available at the College, covering various aspects of psychic, spiritual and healing development.

We recommend that before starting any psychic development or mediumistic work, introductory personal and spiritual development courses are taken. These introductory courses are a good way to explore your potential in different areas of psychic and spiritual growth, helping you to choose the path you would like to pursue in depth.

Foundation classes are not for beginners. Students enrolling for one of these classes should understand and be able to open up and close down their energy and know how to ground and protect themselves. We ask that you take one or more of our introductory courses if you need to acquire these skills, before joining a foundation class.

All students applying for courses are advised that a commitment to attend regularly is essential. Most of the foundation level classes and all intermediate and advanced classes require an interview before being accepted onto the course. Entry to courses given to students following an interview is valid for the current term only, unless agreed otherwise with the tutor.

Please note that if you are a continuing student you will need to pay for your course by the 4th of September. After this date your place will no longer be reserved.

Please refer to our terms and conditions page for all questions regarding our cancellation and refund policy.

Average running time per class is 1.5 hours unless otherwise stated.

If you are pregnant or have any health problems, please consult your tutor before enrolling. No persons using recreational or mind altering drugs on a regular basis can be considered for courses held at the College. This includes the abuse of alcohol.

Due to the nature of trance development, classes are smaller so that students have more time for individual tuition. Students entering trance classes must be at advanced level psychic development, unless referred by a College tutor.

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