• May 26

    Angel Mediumship Advanced

    Liesl Duffy

    Online Courses - Open to all

    Ready to take your Angel Mediumship skills to a professional level? Join Liesl Duffy in this 8-week online advanced course to really spread your wings.

    Members: £160.00
    Non Members: £190.00

  • Jun 7

    Angel Mediumship Intermediate

    Liesl Duffy

    Online Courses - Intermediate

    Continue developing your unique connection with multi-dimensional celestial beings from the angelic realm in this 8-week online intermediate course.

    Members: £150.00
    Non Members: £180.00

  • Jun 8

    Angel Mediumship Foundation

    Liesl Duffy

    Online Courses - Foundation

    This 8-week online foundation course supports you in developing a firm grounding for working with the angelic realm, strengthening your connection and trust.

    Members: £140.00
    Non Members: £170.00

  • Jun 17

    The Ark of Light Within

    Kim Pilkington

    Online Courses - Open to all

    This 6-week online course is a series of guided meditations & visualisations to connect with the vast fields of energy known as the Archangels.

    Members: £100.00
    Non Members: £130.00