• May 17

    Palmistry Development Group

    Robin Lown

    Online Courses - Intermediate/Advanced

    In this online intermediate/advanced course, you will deepen your understanding and knowledge of how the hands can be read like a ‘life-map’.

    Members: £200.00
    Non Members: £230.00

  • May 26

    Foundations of Palmistry

    Robin Lown

    Online Courses - Foundation

    Learn to read more than just the life and love lines and discover the connection between our hands and our brain in this 10-week online palmistry course.

    Members: £190.00
    Non Members: £220.00

  • Past Event

    The Art of Shamanic Palm Reading

    Itzhak Beery

    Online Courses - Open to all

    In this 5-week online course, Itzhak will share how to decode the hands in order to find your life purpose and understand your characteristics, gifts and challenges.

    Register for updates on future availability.