Crystals can be used as a tool for healing to treat the individual holistically and not just for the symptoms of illness. Using crystals in this was can help to release years of long standing problems allowing personal growth in the future and the ability to open up to new possibilities.

With our busy lives we all need some healing on a regular basis and crystals can work with us to help mend blockages and outmoded patterns in all levels of our being. Come and learn how to use crystals to help relieve stress and improve your health.

Techniques will be taught which can be integrated into your daily life for well-being and happiness.From years of crystal healing experience Valerie has heard many students say that taking charge of their own self-healing has been very empowering and uplifting.

All are welcome.

£95 (Full price)
31 May - 7 Jun, Thursdays, 1:30pm, 2 weeks

Feeling out of sorts? Crystals can be used to align and balance all the different energies we contain in our physical, mental and spiritual bodies. Today is about bringing them all into a state of on-going equilibrium.

We shall be working on: Healing any blockages in our energy system to bring more order and stability into our lives. Which minerals are you lacking

£95 (Full price)
12 Jul - 19 Jul, Thursdays, 1:30pm, 2 weeks

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