• Feb 1

    Simply Psychic Advanced

    Geoffrey Beitz

    Online Courses - Advanced

    For those who have completed Geoffrey's Intermediate Simply Psychic course, this 10-week livestream advanced course will support your next step.

    Members: £210.00
    Non Members: £240.00

  • Feb 8

    Intuitive Art: Develop Psychic Ability

    June-Elleni Laine

    Online Courses - Open to all

    Want to be more intuitive, predictive and creative? Join June-Elleni for this colourful 8-week online course that focuses on developing your ability with psychic art.

    Members: £170.00
    Non Members: £200.00

  • Feb 22

    Starting Your Psychic Journey

    Gary Wright

    Online Courses - Beginner

    This 6-week livestream introductory course lays the cornerstones for a robust foundation in psychic and mediumship work.

    Members: £130.00
    Non Members: £160.00

  • Feb 28

    Developing the Intuitive Mind

    Maria Antoniou

    Online Courses - Beginner

    Join us for this 6-week livestream introductory course that is aimed at guiding you into an exploration of your intuitive and psychic abilities.

    Members: £130.00
    Non Members: £160.00

  • Mar 1

    Where Do I Start?

    Anthony Kesner

    Online Courses - Beginner

    Are you new to your path of awakening? This 6-week livestream introductory course is designed to help you get started on your journey.

    Members: £100.00
    Non Members: £130.00

  • Past Event

    Let's Start! Your Psychic Path

    Valerie Gordon

    Online Courses - Open to all

    This introductory course provides a calm, balanced, step by step approach for developing your interest and experience in the psychic and mediumship world.

    Register for updates on future availability.

  • Past Event

    Psychic Awareness for Today

    Daniel Pitt

    Online Courses - Foundation

    Want to develop your intuitive gifts and use them in order to help others? Then this 10-week online foundation course is for you.

    Register for updates on future availability.