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Elizabeth Roberts

Elizabeth Roberts

Trance and Clairvoyant Medium, healer and Therapist The road of spiritual growth, expansion and discovery has been a source of great peace and strength for me! It has been a lengthy road consisting of a mixture of experiences which, although seemingly difficult at the time, were crucial preparation for the spirit instrument I was to become. Many have been the occasions when people I meet through my spiritual work including my students, have asked me how did I know that this was the path for me. I always answer that there came a time when the knocking was very loud and once I answered that knock, I never looked back. As Wong, my spiritual companion once said to me, “we knock and knock each time a bit louder but when we fail to get the response we want, then we resort to less subtle and more effective means” and that is precisely what happened to me. I have been extremely fortunate that I have always been very strongly and lovingly guided and supported by spirit throughout the various stages of my mediumship until this very day. I describe the transition that occurred in my life as being reincarnated without physically dying! Such was the drastic and dramatic change commencing first on a personal level which of course entailed changes that had to be made and which at the time were difficult yet, I always knew I was following my dream. Taking a huge leap of faith, my work life also changed and I moved away from the commercial world and was guided to train as a therapist. So, slowly but surely I acquired my professional qualifications in reflexology and holistic massage as well as spiritual healing and Reiki. I was always most interested in the workings of the mind and human behaviour, so I also qualified in hypnotherapy and psychotherapy. Meantime, I sat in a spiritual home circle close by to where I resided. Again, I was fortunate that my spirit connection was easily activated and my development was such that when the leader of the group retired, I was asked to replace her, which I did. Yet during this time, I felt very strongly that trance mediumship was very much my calling and the only opportunity I had to develop this was with a lady friend who herself was a staunch supporter of this form of spirit communication. So it transpired that when Wong and I were ready to embark on our work together, the College of Psychic Studies started offering trance development classes to which I eagerly enrolled. This stage was relatively short because very soon I commenced my trance work at the College evolving from trance sittings to classes where I help to facilitate this most powerful and specialised way of spirit communication. I am most privileged to say that fourteen years have elapsed since my time as probationer at the College! Aside from my work at the College of Psychic Studies, I work privately using my skills in the various therapies including past life regression therapy in which I am also qualified. As I am fond of saying to my students, working with spirit becomes a way of life. It is not a job or a business but a vocation and as such, the ultimate aim is to be of service while at the same time, deriving enormous satisfaction and personal growth.

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