• Braco


    Peace ambassador and faith healer Braco received the Peace Pole at a United Nations community event in New York, an accolade that was previously given to His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

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  • Caitlín Matthews

    Caitlín Matthews

    Caitlín Matthews is internationally known for her work in the shamanic, mythic and Celtic traditions. Caitlín teaches a shamanic training programme and is a facilitator of Systemic Ritual®.

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  • Carol Nayach

    Carol Nayach

    Carol Nayach discovered that she is an Arcturian starseed. She has been working diligently with them, as well as other ascended beings, ever since, channelling their multidimensional energies.

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  • Casey Mackey

    Casey Mackey

    By the age of 21, Casey Mackey was already offering psychic mediumship readings. Shortly after, she started teaching her own way of introducing spiritualism into this fast-changing world.

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  • Catherine Bjorksten

    Catherine Bjorksten

    Catherine Bjorksten is a reader of Soul Plans. She wants all of her clients to walk away from a session with her feeling wiser, lighter and stronger, for they can now remember who they truly are.

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  • Charlie Morley

    Charlie Morley

    Lucid dreaming teacher Charlie Morley was 'authorised to teach' within the Kagyu school of Tibetan Buddhism by Lama Rinpoche in 2008. He is now an authority on lucid dreaming and shadow work.

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  • Chrissie Astell

    Chrissie Astell

    Having worked as a registered nurse specialising in the care of the elderly and dying, angel expert Chrissie Astell has had direct experience of the profoundly healing effect of the angels.

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  • Dr Christine Page

    Dr Christine Page

    Dr Christine Page was raised among traditional healers and went on to train in medicine. She has always had the gift of inner sight, giving her the capacity to connect intuitively to others.

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  • Claire Broad

    Claire Broad

    Described as ‘an honest medium’, Claire Broad dedicates her time to helping others heal emotionally following bereavement, as well as assisting fellow truth seekers to expand their awareness.

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  • Daisy Bowman

    Daisy Bowman

    After years of studying somewhat chaotically to be a doctor, soulful singer-songwriter Daisy Bowman realised she'd forgotten to listen to her heart, which is to create and express musically.

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  • Daniel Pitt

    Daniel Pitt

    Daniel Pitt first awakened to his psychic abilities aged 11. After more than 20 years of exploring the spirit world, he is keen to help others feel the magic of how spirit can change and enhance their life.

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  • Darren Peters

    Darren Peters

    Darren Peters grew up in a family naturally gifted with a range of psychic talents. He combines his abilities as a clairvoyant and an empath with his transpersonal psychotherapy training.

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