• Daisy Bowman

    Daisy Bowman

    After years of studying somewhat chaotically to be a doctor, soulful singer-songwriter Daisy Bowman realised she'd forgotten to listen to her heart, which is to create and express musically.

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  • Daniel Pitt

    Daniel Pitt

    Daniel Pitt first awakened to his psychic abilities aged 11. After more than 20 years of exploring the spirit world, he is keen to help others feel the magic of how spirit can change and enhance their life.

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  • Darren Peters

    Darren Peters

    Darren Peters grew up in a family naturally gifted with a range of psychic talents. He combines his abilities as a clairvoyant and an empath with his transpersonal psychotherapy training.

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  • David Manning

    David Manning

    David Manning has been involved in and investigating human potential, healing and energy work for 25 years. He first trained at The College of Psychic Studies over 20 years ago.

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  • David Pinner

    David Pinner

    David Pinner's approach to healing establishes a three-way link between himself, his client and spirit. David's healing works on a very deep level, engaging the client's mind, spirit and body.

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  • Dr David Luke

    Dr David Luke

    A senior lecturer at the University of Greenwich, Dr David Luke's work and research focuses on transpersonal experiences and altered states of consciousness, especially via psychedelics.

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  • David Ash

    David Ash

    Visionary physicist David Ash was encouraged to develop his vortex theory by Professor Gareth Owen at Queen's University Belfast. His theory bridges the gap between science and spirituality.

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  • David Lorimer

    David Lorimer

    A prolific writer and lecturer, David Lorimer is the Programme Director of the Scientific and Medical Network. He has authored and edited numerous books, including The Spirit of Science.

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  • Denise Pia

    Denise Pia

    Denise Pia awakened to her psychic abilities and studied at the College in her twenties. She offers detailed information and guidance to enable clients to move forward with a new understanding.

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  • Diana Vernon

    Diana Vernon

    Sound healer Diana Vernon is a regular tutor at The College of Psychic Studies. She is a healing gong practitioner, Reiki Master and a member of the College of Sound Healing.

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  • Doe Warnes

    Doe Warnes

    With a background in dance therapy, Doe Warnes is ideally placed to teach Anatomy & Physiology. She is also a Somatic movement therapist & educator and shiatsu practitioner.

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  • Douglas Ballard

    Douglas Ballard

    Douglas Ballard connects with a source of universal energy in his personal consultations for life guidance and healing. As a visionary, he explores your past, present and potential future.

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